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Recovery & Reduction
Tax and Cost Recovery and Reduction Services

As business people our first goal is to serve our customers and deliver a quality product or service. We concentrate our efforts to those ends and sometimes accept that some expenses are fixed or beyond our control. In some cases that is true, but in many other cases “there is gold in them thar hills.” We specialize in finding those hidden opportunities and helping you recover overpayments and/or reduce future expenses. Our Tax and Cost Recovery and Reduction services are offered on a contingency fee basis meaning that if we cannot save and/or recover money for you, you owe us nothing.

Tax and Cost Recovery and Reduction Serices

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Commercial Property Benefits

If you own or lease commercial property, or you have renovated commercial property as an owner or lessee, we may be able to greatly improve your cash flow over the next few years, and/or even get you a check from the IRS with interest!

Under the Internal Revenue Code prior to 1981 taxpayers were able to accelerate depreciation on the various components of real property (personal property - lighting, parking lots, elevators, and etc.) by using their shorter tax lives rather than the tax life used for buildings.  In 1997 the US Tax Court (109 T.C. No.2) ruled in the Hospital Corporation of America case that the prior rules were still applicable. Over the next seven years the IRS rules and procedures were finalized and now this tax benefit is available to you.  Only two of ten property owners are taking advantage of this great tax benefit, either because they are unaware of it, or because of the detailed procedures and documentation needed to comply. 

If your property qualifies, our team of experienced tax and engineering professionals will analyze your property, and if you qualify, prepare a Cost Segregation Study and related documentation.  We will then work with your CPA to amend your tax returns to recover taxes previously paid (as far back as 1987 in some cases) and/or reduce future tax payments.  Our initial review is free and our fees, if any, are contingent and based on our successful recovery of refunds or future benefits for you.

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Manufacturing Incentives

In 2001, Internal Revenue Code Section 41 made research and development tax credits available to small and medium sized companies by relaxing the rules and making the tax credits available to more companies for more activities.  If you manufacture a product, develop software, apply for patents, develop prototypes, design tools, dies, or jigs, improve or streamline your production process, or engage in many other types of eligible activities, you might qualify for significant tax credits that may be carried back to recover taxes already paid, or forward to reduce future tax bills.

A July 23, 2012 Wall Street Journal article reported that as few as five percent of the benefits that are available are taken due to the complexity of the rules and documentation.  Our team of tax professionals will investigate your processes and activities to determine those for which you may qualify, and document and help recover the tax credit benefits to which you are entitled.  Our initial review is free and our fees, if any, are contingent and based on our successful recovery of refunds or future benefits for you.

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Comprehensive Energy Study

Over the last few years there have been many new Federal, State, and Local government programs to encourage energy conservation.  If you have recently made improvements in your commercial property to improve energy efficiency like insulation, more efficient HVAC systems or lighting, or are considering them, our team of knowledgeable specialists may be able to find tax and cash benefits for you.  We analyze what you have done (or are planning to do) and research all the applicable Federal, State, and Local programs that are available and help you take advantage of these programs.  We can even show you some other ways to save more energy and further reduce your expenses.  Our initial review is free, and when we present the results of our review, we will propose a fee estimate for your review and acceptance before any work is begun or fees incurred.

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Hiring Incentive Programs

As our economy has slowed over the last few years, governments at all levels have instituted programs designed to encourage hiring, including the Small Business Jobs Act in 2010.  Our team of specialists keeps up to date on all the federal, state, local government sources of hiring incentives.  We'll find those benefits for you, wherever they come from, and further we will assure that each and every employee you hire in the future is pre-screened so that if they meet the requirements that you get every benefit to which you are entitled.  There is big money here - don't leave it on the table.  Our initial review is free and our fees, if any, are contingent and based on our successful recovery of refunds or future benefits for you.

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Vendor Screening Program

Checking the background and keeping track of all the paperwork for vendors can be a real problem for many organizations.  But in today's litigious society, failure to screen and monitor your vendors may result in exposure to a liability you do not want.  You may be liable for actions or injuries caused by your vendors while they are working for you.  Some things you might want to check include:

  • Do you have a current insurance certificate for workers compensation and liability insurance?
  • Are they bonded?
  • Are there any judgments or pending lawsuits?
  • Do they have all the licenses they need to do the work?
  • Criminal history check

We can handle this task for you at no cost to you.  We offer a service that screens and regularly monitors your vendors.  Our service will check insurance, bonding, licensing, and anything else you want us to check without cost to you.

Give us a call to learn about this great program.

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Property Tax Review

Since 2008, property values have been dropping, but have your real estate and personal property taxes been going down as well?  Is your real property fairly appraised in today's market?  Are you paying personal property tax on assets you abandoned long ago or which are obsolete?  Our real and personal property tax specialists can review your bills, and may be able to save you ten to twenty percent on your taxes.  Our initial review is free and our fees, if any, are contingent and based on our successful recovery of future benefits for you.

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Workers Compensation Audits

Worker's Compensation is a fixed expense – right?  You can't do anything but pay the bill every year.  Wrong!

The premium calculations are complex and involve worker classifications, claims experience, premium modifications, state rules and more, and if even one is wrong, you can be overcharged.  In fact, our experience shows that nearly 70% of worker's compensation bills are incorrect.  But we have a worker's compensation audit every year – doesn't that catch the error?  No, that audit is done by the insurance company and is only to assure that the entire payroll you paid is included in the premium calculation – it does not check for other errors.

We can help!  Our team of specialized, knowledgeable insurance professionals will do an intensive review of the last five to seven years of premiums for errors, and then help you recover the overpaid premiums.  Our average recovery is between ten and fifteen percent of the premium paid.  Our initial review is free and our fees, if any, are contingent and based on our successful recovery of refunds or future benefits for you.

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Waste Disposal and Recycling Audits

Waste disposal is another one of those "fixed" expenses we cannot control – right?  Wrong!

Your waste disposal costs are based on a number of factors, and in many cases they don't match your actual needs.  Our team of waste management experts knows the waste management business, and how they charge for their services.  Our experience shows that 70 to 80% of customers are being overcharged, and we can help you reduce your waste disposal expense each month.  Our initial review is free and our fees, if any, are contingent and based on our successful recovery of refunds or future benefits for you.

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Credit Card Merchant Account

Are the charges you pay for credit card processing fair?  Are you getting the best deal?  Well, our experience is that 93% of merchants are being overcharged.  Did you know that VISA and MasterCard have hundreds of pages of rules (Interchange Fees) that change every six months?   

In order to avoid the overcharges, you need talented, experienced and industry knowable specialists to review and analyze your monthly bills, find the errors, and reduce your cost.  In fact our team averages between eight and twenty percent reduction in fees for our clients.  The initial evaluation is free and all we need is your most recent VISA/MasterCard statement.  Our initial review can be completed in a few days and we will let you know if you're being treated fairly.  Our fee are contingent and based on our successful reduction in your expense.  If we cannot save you money, you owe us nothing.

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Freight and Parcel Audits

UPS and FedEx are great companies that provide us with a valuable service, but their charges can be complex and difficult to understand and manage.  They have all kinds of special charges, for example for residential deliveries, deliveries to certain areas, signature required deliveries, and more.  In spite of their great systems, sometimes they make mistakes and you may be due a refund – but the catch is you have to ask for it.  Did you know that you are entitled to a refund if the package is delivered outside their contractual delivery window?  Do you get those refunds now?

Our experience is that the average bill has about ten percent errors or overcharges.  Our team of freight and package delivery audit specialists will take your monthly or weekly statements and process them through our proprietary systems and find those errors.  Our initial review is free and our fees, if any, are contingent and based on our successful recovery of refunds or future benefits for you.

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Cell Phone Audits

The average $5,000 cell phone bill is 500 pages long.  Who is checking your bill and how do you know it is correct and that you are getting the best value for your money?  In our experience, around 90% of wireless bills can be reduced by an average of 25% - some as much as 60%, all without having to change carriers, numbers, or equipment.

If you spend at least $1,000 on your cell phone bill each month, let us analyze your bills and offer suggestions to reduce your expense.  Our team of wireless specialists knows the industry, what to look for, and the most recent "deal" being offered by the wireless providers.  We can save you money on your wireless bills every month.  Our initial review is free and our fees, if any, are contingent and based on our successful reduction of your wireless bill.  If we cannot save you money you owe us nothing.

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KURE Energy Savings System

As much as twenty percent of the electricity you buy each month is "dirty energy" and cannot be efficiently used by your equipment.  We are proud to offer the KURE Pulse EMS to condition the electricity delivered to your location and change your "87 octane electricity" to "97 octane electricity" and cut your bill by at least 10% each month.

How much does this fabulous system cost?  Well, if you qualify, it will cost you nothing after the savings you realize in your bill!  No money down, no deposit, and if you don't recover the net cost of the equipment in fifteen months, KURE will pay you the difference in cash – guaranteed.  KURE's guarantee is backed by insurance from ENERGI Insurance Services and is underwritten by International Insurance Company HANOVER LIMITED, the third largest insurance provider in the world!  You can't lose.

If your electricity bill is $2,500 a month or greater, and you have electric motors like air conditioning, walk-in freezers, or coolers, or electric motor driven machinery, you may qualify for a guaranteed no net cost to you reduction in your monthly electric bill.  Call us now to get started.

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